To be able to answer this question clearly, we have to go a little further:

ABC Travel Service is a travel agent in the sense of a commercial broker in accordance with §93ff HGB and, after a customer order, arranges a work / service contract in the sense of §675ff BGB for business management. For this, ABC-Travel Service negotiates directly with airlines to be able to offer you the cheapest tariffs. ABC-Travel Service also buys conditions and tariffs for arranging transportation services globally in different markets. To put it simply, ABC Travel Service invests money in advance, just to generate the opportunity to offer you cheap travel agency tariffs. ABC Travel Service provides you with these products from various procurement markets with background information and tariff details transparently online or advises you as an interested party on a non-binding offer. ABC Travel Service provides a team of travel experts to advise you via the hotline or in writing before, during and after your trip and to offer our service at any time free of charge.

ABC Travel Service does not receive any commissions when arranging a flight service. The costs incurred in the mediation must be calculated from the sale of the flight tickets.

ABC-Travel Service was charged by various service providers and systems with costs so that your process can be carried out and you receive your electronic tickets. These costs are non-refundable. Please note that both the ticket issuing fees and the cancellation fees that we charge as a broker of a travel single service are nothing new and have not existed since Corona.  ABC Travel Service has not changed anything in its processes or cost calculations. These costs can always be found in our terms and conditions.

 The following costs were incurred when issuing your tickets:

Ticket procurement costs, online booking costs, offer creation costs, ticket issuing costs, costs of the reservation system, license costs for other software applications for the handling of your process, other services such as schedule change, application for meals, escort service other matters, seat reservation which are made available to you free of charge when the order is placed Booking overview until the end of the trip, administration costs, accounting costs, money transfer costs and much more ...

Please note that ABC Travel Service is not a service provider of the airline but arranges a transport contract with a transport company for you on your own account. In order to exist and to be able to offer you your own services that have been negotiated independently for you; ABC Travel Service must also charge fees.