Flight Schedule

The airline has made changes to your flight schedule.

Therefore, your electronic ticket must be adjusted to a valid flight connection.

Why are there changes to my flight schedule?

The airline plans flight routes with a lead time of approximately 320 days. That is why the fine-tuning between connecting flights, capacity planning or capacity slots are only roughly prepared and finalized weeks before the travel date.

This concerns, among other things:

- Changes to departure / arrival times

- Requirements for connecting flights

- Changes to flight numbers or operating times

- Seasonal requirements

- Flights are no longer offered (Not enough demand)

How do I proceed?

In general, it is up to you where you have your flight ticket adjusted.

Small changes are often arranged automatically by the airline.

ABC Travel Service provides this service free of charge from 40 days before departure. You are welcome to submit an electronic request in your login area. Click here to log in

How do I find out which flight connection has been changed?

You can view your itinerary either directly on the airline's homepage or at ABC Travel Service under "My Booking".

Each individual connection is displayed there.

Directly next to the connection you can see the status of the related connection.

Please check that all connections are marked "confirmed".

What do I do if this is not the case?

To have a flight time change processed you can:

1) Follow the link above your itinerary

2) Select "schedule change” as an option in the menu under rebooking / cancellation and send the request to us electronically

3) Contact the airline hotline

We will process flight time changes starting 40 days prior to departure. The processing time varies depending on the process.

Due to the large number of flight schedule changes, we kindly ask for a little patience.

Why does my itinerary look so chaotic now?

The airline will try to offer you a possible alternative directly in the event of a change.

You do not necessarily have to accept this.

The itinerary can be adjusted again afterwards.

Please remember that your electronic ticket must always be reissued manually.

Only then is a change / itinerary binding for you.