Fare / tax surcharges - what is that?

An airline ticket consists of two price components.

1)   The fare or basic ticket price is the base price of each ticket. It is determined by the airline based on the current market situation. If the market situation changes, the basic ticket price will also change. This might be the case by choosing travel dates where usually a lot of people want to travel, such as Easter or Summer vacations. Another factor can be your chosen travel time. Many airlines specify travel durations of up to 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer you decide to travel, the higher the base price is calculated. Very short trips of 2-5 days travel duration often turn out to be very expensive as well. The base fare also differentiates between the comfort level in which you are traveling. It includes additional costs for premium seats, baggage, priority check-in/boarding or snacks. Accordingly, the airline sets a higher base fare for a higher class of service.The airline's most important pricing instrument is the price grading of so-called booking classes. Each booking class represents its own base price within the service class. As soon as the demand for a flight connection grows, booking classes with higher base prices are offered for sale. If the airline wants to advertise a travel connection, the cheapest booking classes will be released.

This results in unpredictable price fluctuations.

Especially falls this measure for trips far in the future.

The sales pressure is still very low, the airline can control the buying behavior / demand and offer their flights with the highest possible margin.

That is why we always recommend you to observe your desired travel date over a longer period of time. Our travel experts will also gladly help you find the right flight connection with the right price/performance ratio.


Attention! The same price structure applies to voluntary re-bookings.

If the base price of the booking class has changed, this surcharge must be paid in addition to the new / current market situation.

If the booking class is not / not yet available due to occupancy, the fare difference to the next higher booking class must be paid.

Possible price calculation











100 €

150 €

200 €

250 €

350 €

450 €

600 €

750 €

850 €

1000 €


Original booking class                   O = EUR 100,00
New booking class                        V = EUR 350,00
Surcharge for voluntary rebooking    = EUR  250,00  

2)           2) The tax total amount consists of many different individual taxes that ABC Travel Online displays when you book your flight.

When your routing changes or there are general tax adjustments, taxes may change. However, these should always be relatively minor.


ABC Travel Service can help you in your search for the cheapest, but also the most comfortable connection.

It is your duty to let us know how flexible you are in order to provide you with the best offer.